Mental Models for Investors Guide

Tess Ang
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Many of you wanted to receive a guide on Mental Models for Investors.

Well, it is finally here!

To best address this topic, I revisited the works of Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett and other super investors, and summarized my lessons into this guide for you.

What's in this guide?

✔️ 50 Mental Models for Investors

✔️ Across various disciplines, from psychology, math, economics, biology etc.

✔️ A brief explanation of each mental model + my interpretation and application to business and investing, with examples where necessary

Who is this guide for? If you want to..

  • AVOID cognitive biases in investing: The stock market is more than just numbers and equations. Our major enemy in investing is our own psychology. Understanding human psychology can help prevent silly mistakes like panic-selling during market drawdowns

  • TAKE ACTION and make more holistic decisions: To make the guide more useful for you, rather than merely stating the mental models, I've included actionable takeaways and application to real-life

  • BUILD YOUR OWN "Latticework of models": Use this guide as a ground to discover new mental models and interpretations, and build your repertoire of mental models

How much does it cost?

This checklist is being offered using a pay-what-you-want model.

The suggested retail price is $9.90, but you are free to choose any price that you see fit

Disclaimer: This document is not investment advice and is for educational purposes only. Please consult your investment advisor if you have any questions.


For all my action takers, build your range of mental models today.
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Mental Models for Investors Guide

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Mental Models for Investors Guide

6 ratings
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